TECHNIA is able to supply “turn-key” equipments, Plants and equipment for natural gas processing such as primary and control separators, coalescing and separator filters, oil and gas indirect heater, meter and regulation skids, KOD and flare stacks, Plants for the gas, petroleum, chemical, and petrochemical treatment industry. These equipments are sold not only in Argentina but also in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador.

We can quote the followings provisions:

- For Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia (Pampetrol), for the Ayala V Generation Plant, we have provided the following equipment:
• Two 24 inches diameter coalescing filter, including all related instruments
• Three gas / liquid separator filters, 36 and 24 inches, including all related instruments


• One flare stack, capacity 150 MSM³ / day with separators in the base and burner / ignition panel


- For Albanesi Group, for the new thermal power plant Oliveros III, Renova, Province of Santa Fe, we have provided the following equipment:
• Two 12 and 8 inches diameter Scrapper traps, including all related instruments
• A separating and measuring skid with a 20 inches diameter separating filter, a 12 inches diameter dry filter and 6 inches diameter piping, including skid package.


- For Flargent (YPF Final client) we have provided the following equipment:
• A KOD 750 mm diameter
• A filter Fuel gas separator internal diameter 393 mm
• A separator V-100 E 35 inches diameter, including skid package


- For Flargent (Final Client ENAP SIPETROL / TECHINT, Incremental Project Area Magallanes), we provided the following equipment:
• Stabilization module 2100. Partial supply of equipment and chimney, piping and integral assembly in our Workshop




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