TECHNIA has all the resources needed to make very demanding projects, such as oil and nuclear industries.

The Company

TECHNIA is a company of industrial assemblies & services to large companies. It was founded at 1955. The company´s main activity is to design, calculate, build and erect heavy metal structures, pressure vessels and all kind of tanks, heat exchangers, piping and boilers and turn-key plants. They are all made observing international standards. The raw materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, high alloys, aluminum and copper.

TECHNIA also erects products in customer plants and does plant maintenance and works in shut-down.

TECHNIA has the know-how to do very demanding jobs in oil and nuclear industries, among others. Situated in Campana, Buenos Aires, the company´s plant has a workshop of 4,500 square meters and offices of 1,000 square meters. Our technical office develops basic process engineering as well as detailed engineering, tailored to the client´s requirements.

TECHNIA offers welding using such different methods as SMAW, GMAW, GTAW and FCAW, in compliance with ASME IX, AWS D.1.1, and API 1104 standards or any other client requirements.

TECHNIA also has a painting site, equipped with sandblasting machines and airless equipment used for providing the products with a suitable superficial treatment.



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